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Bonjour! The Lady Blakeney has a task for you!
You see, Marguerite has decided to create her own Role-playing Game (~*TSHH) because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good characters in existing games.   Well, we have a few characters, but it's very nearly impossible to have a good game going, with so few people, so your job is to sign up, and participate!

 Characters (NOTE: There are only ONE of each character.)

  Some Characters we need are:
  Sir Ffoulkes
  Lord & Lady Dewhurst
  Aristocrats/English (good or ill wishing) (always need more!)
 If you can think of anymore, please let me know!  (I know, there are more not-so-major characters!)

  To join email Lady Blakeney, and let her know which character you wish to become.  Then Click and join!

Read on for more details!

What is ~*TSHH?

Well, chances are you are already aware that we are a Scarlet Pimpernel Role playing game. Feel free to join if you like the book, music, or movies! ~* TSHH stands for ~*They seek him here... (The full name of the role-playing game is they sought him here, they found him here...) It is run on Onelist. It has threads that anyone can read and join.