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Join ~* TSHH

Bonjour! The Lady Blakeney has decided to create her own Roleplaying game. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good characters, so, join fast! The only name taken for sure is Marguerite. There are only ONE of each character.


Some Characters we need are:

Sir Percy Chauvelin Ffoulkes (Lord & Lady) Dewhurst (Sir & Lady) Leaguers Robespierre Aristocrats/English (good or ill wishing) (always need more!)

Ones that are Crossed out are no longer available! If you can think of anymore, please let me know!

To Join Click here! Fill out the following form: Character's Name: Characters age: (If known, or approximite) Brief Discription: Catagory: (Leaguer, aristo, villian, ect.)

Note on your choices of Characters:

Well, we only have one character taken for sure, Lady Marguerite Blakeney. There will be only one of each character. There will also be nothing like one charachter, Marguerite Blakeney, and another, Marguerite St.Just, seeing as St. Just is Marguerite's maiden name. We would also prefer if you use real charachters first, but if you want, you can make some up.

*Also, seeing as I'm against this whole 'Marguerite liking Chauvelin, and Percy having billions of Ex-lovers hanging off of him, so there will be none of that. (Sorry)

What is ~*TSHH?

Well, chances are you are already aware that we are a Scarlet Pimpernel Role playing game. Feel free to join if you like the book, music, or movies! ~* TSHH stands for ~*They seek him here... (The full name of the roleplaying game is they sought him here, they found him here...) It is run on Onelist. It has threads that anyone can read and join.

More details coming soon! In the meantime, please feel free to use below to find Scarlet Pimpernel Books (Lady Blakeney's personal favorite; if you haven't read em, you truly should!), music, or more Pimpernel Sites!

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